On testing

So, here I am looking at an empty screen yet again and thinking about what to write about. Often times people tend to say the same thing over and over again when it comes to writing: “write what you know.” And more often than not we all seem to say the same thing to that: ” I don’t know anything…”

Here I am faced with almost that same dilemma but then it hit me. I do have a few things to actually write about.

For starters I created another WordPress blog. Yes, I know that may sound a little strange to some but there is a reason for it. One being that I want to be able to test my pages and code once I really start fully learning about CSS and server-side scripting later on down the road. Or I could be my usual self and learn it on my own. Which I will most likely end up doing cause I tend to be self-taught when it comes to certain things.

The second reason being that I would like that blog to be more of a tutorial/help based in hopes that others will gain insight on the subject matter. I would of course like it to be about the web, art and design. I want to post tutorials on how to draw and create not only web layouts but how to work with not only Photoshop but Illustrator as well to create a good resulting image.

The second thing that is on my mind is seeing movies. Now what I mean by that is I love to watch movies and I always critique them to the fullest extent. In other words I want to write a few movie reviews as well as DVD/Blu-Ray reviews. I often find myself renting a movie with my wife almost every other week on Friday night or even Saturday nights. I have always criticized just about everything around me and think to myself that it could be better or wonder how I can improve upon that.

With that being said I think I just gave myself a few ideas on what I want to write about on my next post. Anybody up for a movie rental?


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