Music twists

I love music about as much as the next person does but it is often so hard to find not only a good song but an amazing album that you can listen to not only once but several times without getting tired of it. The one service that I truly love and still listen to from time to time is Pandora Internet Radio. What I love about it is that it plays songs that are fairly similar to a particular song, artist and even genre that I like.

Most recently I was listening to one of my most favorite Flamenco artists: Sabicas, when I realized that I haven’t heard any other Flamenco artists other than those that have How-To books on learning to play Flamenco guitar. Yes, I do want to play one day but I know that I will never truly be like one of the great masters like Paco De Lucia, Paco Pena, Sabicas and many of  the “old school” guitarists.

I know I just said “old school ” and that is because if you go to Wikipedia, you will find that there is also a classification: “Nuevo Flamenco” or “New Flamenco.” Some artists are classified as contemporary and some not. The style of the older songs were more towards not only the emotion but the rhythm and tempo.

The style of songs are not only remarkable but very difficult to learn and play. By far the hardest to truly learn and grasp is the Bulerias style of playing. It not only requires rhythm and tempo but you also have to consider syncopation when it comes to playing. It is often played in a rather fast tempo and you can often tell by the beats and measures.

It can be hard if you have never taken a music lesson in your life and even for those that have taken classes it is still a rather hard style of learning.

Now, for what I really wanted to actually write about and that is that some of this music is really hard to find. Not just at a local music store but often times online stores too. I have been listening to a few songs on Pandora and there are only a few artists that I am willing to listen a full length album from.

One of which is Chamaco. His way of playing is very unique and for some strange reason I like it. To add to the craziness is the fact that I can barely tolerate the Gypsy Kings which are one of the most popular amongst people in the US, or so it seems that way to me. Their style of playing is nothing new to me and they seem to generally play only in one manner. The rumba. Yes it is a nice tone and melody but when you hear it in almost every song you tire of the same old thing.

The one thing that does surprise me is that most new Flamenco artists want to portray a sense of happiness when they play. I do like that but what I love about Flamenco is the history behind it. The sadness being expressed in the singer’s voice, the cries of the guitar and the methodic moves by the dancer all combine to create a wonderful atmosphere. I guess you can call it the Blues of Spain.

Now, I won’t deny that these new guitarists don’t have talent. They do. Believe me, they do. I have been practicing the guitar for the last five years and I can say that it takes a lot of talent, patience and dedication to play as good as they do.

With all that having been said, I now have to try to find a good CD, record, album or internet radio station to listen to so I can find a new favorite artist. My last CD that I bought was by Sabicas on iTunes and the last song that I bought was “Pedlar’s Dance,” by The Golden Ring Ensemble and that was well over five months ago so that goes to show how often I like to buy music. It is very hard for me to muster up the mentality to purchase a song or album when I know that I will most likely only hear it once.

For now all I can do is just take things one song at a time and one album a day…


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