Second blog ideas

I have a second blog that I will be using more for guidance and reference than I will for my everyday happenings like this one is. I have a few topics that I want to go over to begin with on that site. The main focus of course being on design. The first post I want to discuss as much detail as I possibly can without it being so overwhelming for somebody that is just starting but not too simple for the experienced.

In further posts I want to talk about the elements of design and go into more detail about each one individually. I want to talk about how they can work with one another to create a single image/graphic or even the process behind a simple concept and how to achieve a good final result. I often find myself looking at simple everyday objects and wonder what the person that made that was thinking about. Did they have more than one idea, different color schemes that would cross their minds or maybe the just wanted to improve upon a previous idea.

Besides design posts I want to have a few links to some of my favorite sites on a separate page or do a weekly top ten or top five site finds.

I know that I am more than capable of doing this mostly in part because I tend to spend most of my time looking at random sites for not only help but for some inspiration.

Thankfully I have always been the positive thinker so now only time will tell how I will achieve all of this.


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