For some time I have been feeling a little bit out of it. Almost not like usual self. It is nice to know when I feel that way because then I can do something about it. Lately though it seems to be failing. I keep asking myself why and why this is and I can’t seem to get a straight answer. These few weeks have gone by so quickly and I still can’t believe that my first semester of school is almost over and the next semester is about to begin.

Three years and one semester every two months is going to be so hard on both my mind and body. The one thing that is keeping me sane is knowing that I will be so much happier with my life when all is said and done.

What has really gotten me so off-track is that I can’t seem to want to finish my website design and I don’t know why. I have several ideas for it but when I think that I am going to do it I can’t quite finish it. It almost reminds me of a movie quote from a while back: “If it is a good idea it wouldn’t leave your mind…”

Now, I know that inspiration is practically everywhere I look and I love that. I see the simplest thing and I want to try and recreate it on the computer. As far as a design, I see some good ideas that I want to implement and still not sure as to how I would do this. Part of that reason is that a good portion of it deals with scripts and that is one thing I still don’t know fully just yet.

I know what can inspire me but what can actually motivate me to actually do this? I can do things when I want and more often than not I tend to slack and delay it until nearly the last minute. I have to learn not to do that. One of these days it will bite me hard in the rear. I think that I have to start both writing and drawing my ideas that I get.

For now I think that I will just finish my school work and try and catch up on some of my random reading.


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