Story Telling

Okay, here it goes: I love telling stories. I know many people love it as much as I do, not as much or maybe even more but I really do love to tell a good story. The looks I often get when I am in the middle of explaining, telling and even describing the events of not just my life but even a stupid joke or two truly does keep me wanting to keep saying and expressing myself more so. The one thing that I did realize was that the passion and emotion I often portray when I tell a story to a friend or anybody that is willing to listen.

I remember once when I was working at Pluto’s, my first job ever, and was talking to a customer about how my Friday morning had been and why I was acting both so lethargic and unenthusiastic towards everybody but her. Looked at her straight in the eyes and said: “Well, you see it all started out when I fell asleep last night around one in the morning; so, really it was more like this morning if you want to look at if from an insomniacs point of view, right?” She laughed and tells me to continue with my story of my one day.

After about what seemed like a half hour I had finished telling her my story of why I was acting the way I was she looked at me, smiled, nodded and told me that I was a phenomenal actor and the way that I told my story she felt like she was right next to me the entire time experiencing what I was at the same time.

One of the few reasons I feel I am a good story teller is because I want that person to not just know but feel the same way I was feeling at that point in time in my life. It can be hard at times because not everybody can put themselves in somebody else’s shoes or be in that same mentality. What I often do and should be doing even in my own writing is to use more similes, anecdotes, examples and comparisons to help get my point or story across a lot better.

Creativity and passion are the things that truly have helped me in any situation and most importantly in turning a good story into a great story. The way the story is told by my tone of voice and the slight gestures I make while narrating the events that unfold are what can make that slight difference. The words chosen to describe the scene and emotions that run through my head help aid in creating that image and feeling in the person’s mind and atmosphere.

I guess the one thing that I really always have to look forward to is telling my stories to my friends and family when I see them. I not only love the attention I get even if it is for two minutes; I know that for those two minutes I shared my life with them and they can see my point of view or my thought process and I hope that they can create that world in their mind just I had experienced. Although the thought of whether or not they do or not will always plague my mind whether I like it or not.

The only thing that I can really is be myself when telling a story and keep reading as many books I want.


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