For the longest time I have always loved to read poetry and will sometimes write down a random line or two myself. Part of that reason is that with just a few simple lines a vivid new world is created in my mind; a small or alternate temporary escape from my reality and my emotions that constantly flow in my brain. There are very few books that I actually have that pertain to poetry but I have to say that by far my top is The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe.

I try to express my feelings and my thoughts with a few lines that will often spring to mind. I used to feel very depressed and felt like there was no better feeling than that. It showed in the words and imagery painted in my morose dark words I often used to describe my thought process. Mind you most of this was when I was going through a break up with my at the time girlfriend; so, of course my head may not have been all right where it should have been.

Granted I no longer feel and think that way or at least I try not to as much but there are times when it is much easier than other days. When I start to think about all the things that have led me to where I am in this point in my life I do sometimes feel upset but not because of the things that I have done but because I know better. Because of those feelings, I often tend to shut down mentally and emotionally from everybody; I know that I shouldn’t let it affect my mind the way it does but like I said: it’s not always easy.

I’ll leave it at this: poetry will be a part of me and I never want to forget about it. I has had a profound effect in my life and my mentality and for that I am happy.


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