Brain function

It really has been a while since I have written anything in this blog. Part of that reason is only because I have so much to do and it always feels like I have very little time to do all of this in. I am person who is always running numbers in my head so I know that there are seven days in one week and twenty-four hours in one day so that gives me one hundred sixty-eight hours in one week to accomplish the things that I want to. With work taking up about forty to sixty of that chunk of change that still leaves me with one hundred hours to finish what I need and sleep in between.

Do we really need eight hours of sleep a day? That takes up another fifty-six hours out the pie of hours we have so creatively described above. So, now that only leaves us with about forty hours to do schoolwork, chores and anything else that I want to in between work. Over the years I have heard so many things about how much sleep is good sleep and how much is too much. Each person is different, so does that mean that we all require different amounts? I feel that we all do only because I have met so many people in my life that can function on the full eight hours and very few that can function with less. I am one of the few, it seems like, that is more than capable of having full functionality of both my brain and body with just four hours of sleep a day.

I know it does sound both bad and amazing but in reality I do have to ask the question of how much sleep does the brain really need to recover from a day. The brain is always on so why would it need to recover? As far as the body goes it does need some time to recover. Yes, both are muscles but does that mean one requires more than the other or even any time at all to recover? When muscles are trained to do a certain task they become stronger and that task becomes almost second nature, so why isn’t the same for the brain? If your brain can function on four hours of sleep, you can certainly train it to work both faster and more efficient.

The one thing that will always keep running through my head is if the body needs rest, why does the brain? We only use about ten percent of the brain; so, why does it need it any more than any muscle that is used on a daily basis?


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