School and things

It has been a while since I wrote anything on here and I think it is long overdue. Semester two is almost over and it has been a long one. This really has been a great eye-opening experience because it has shown me that I need to prioritize the things in my life and have some form of scheduling to figure out if I want my life to be the way I want it to be.

My classes for this semester were math, english and image editing and I have to say they were a little bit harder than I had anticipated. My math class in particular because it has been far too long since I have even done half the things we are currently working on. My English class, I have actually been getting the most out of, it really seems like. My image editing on the other hand I have been getting more and more practice out of Photoshop and its tools than anything else.

In my math class I have had to do research for and I think it is a little pointless. Having to look up how much calcium and iron is in corn and broccoli is not exactly my cup of tea. Granted, I see what it can accomplish in the end. Being able to find information and to use that information to create equations and functions but in the line of work that I will be doing it may not be all too useful for me. I will be using simple math and even then it will be using spreadsheets to create my equations and functions.

My writing has seen some improvement which is something I like to see. I feel more confident about that and it can be seen in the way and manner I stylize my writing. I have to say that the one thing that I really will always need to keep a watchful eye on is my punctuation. I have always had an issue with that even when I was in elementary school writing a simple report about a president. Thankfully I have been getting feedback from my instructor and I feel that it has been all for the good.

Image editing is one thing that I have always loved doing even before I started my school program. The one thing that I have seen some improvement on is my sketching abilities. I have learned that sketching opens up my mind and creates more options. What is better is that I have been getting more and more practice on Photoshop and it has been amazing. I get feedback on my works and I think it has shown some considerable improvement. This is a very positive step in the direction I am heading.

With school almost being over, I think that the week that I get free to myself I will try to find a way to organize my life. I must have some sort of schedule going and a bit of a pattern so that I can get more things accomplished in a timely manner. True that I can things done but I feel that I can do better and I know that I can. I think that is what really kills me sometimes because I know that I am capable of more but I feel like I don’t deliver. I know that will be a big part when I graduate and earn my degree at the end of the program.

I know what my limits are and I know when I reach them. I have yet to feel completely overwhelmed but there is still so much to learn and so much to go through in my life.


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