Life changes

These past few days have been amazing. English class has been good, Image Editing has been sweet, and Math has been okay. I can certainly tell that my writing has improved and I have able to express myself a lot more because of it. It has really been a great eye-opening experience and I can’t wait to get more out of the upcoming classes.

The next course will begin the second week of October and I am pretty pumped and excited about it. The courses that I am assigned are College Writing, Illustration, and Web history. This should be a great nine weeks and I am a little anxious only because from what I read I may have about three essays to write in the entire English class. That means one every three weeks. May not seem like much but with two jobs and the other classes it may be a little tougher to accomplish.

School has been the one thing that has kept me pretty happy for the last four months and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The next week I have completely to myself so that I can rest and then school will start the week after that. I think that during that time I will read the books  and try to work on a personal project to get a bit more familiar with all the programs I will be using in the course.

Aside from school, work has been a little bit interesting to say the least. My best friend is having her second daughter in a few months, my wife is having an art show in about two weeks and my sister is taking physical therapy for her ankle. Thing around me are pretty crazy and I often wonder how I manage to keep a cool head through out all of this. It was pretty evident when a customer told me that I was by far one of the best people that she had ever encountered in a long time.

She came in looking for a present for a friend and decided on a half pound of Anniversary Blend Starbucks whole-bean coffee. She also bought another half pound for herself. Later she realized that if she was going to get her whole-bean coffee, she might as well just get a whole pound rather than the half. I had to think about it for a second because the half pounds generally cost a little more than half the price of a whole pound. I rang everything up and noticed that it was a small difference of about ninety cents or so. She was so happy that I got everything sorted out for her and felt so bad that I had to go through what felt like hoops of fire that she gave me a dollar tip in the tip jar.

I loved her reaction to the fact I was very calm about the entire situation. I told her that things happen in life and all we can really do is go with the flow. There is no point in getting angry over a simple thing because when you do then things don’t go the way they most likely should. It is also a lot easier to be happy than being angry because it does require a lot less muscles. I told her that was my mentality when it came to life and she was a little baffled by it. How hard is to be selfless in this day in age?

I have always been more than happy to do something for somebody if I know the end result will in their happiness. I tend to put myself last and never care about my well-being and I think that one day it may catch up to me. I know that I should be selfish sometimes but I stop myself when I try. I know that people will have a hard time not only relating but understanding my mentality and for that I am happy to meet and greet all sorts of people in my life. I accept them the way they are and I don’t ask them to be anything else.


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