Mind Control

I can be a very impatient person when it comes to certain things. By far the best example of this is in school and me wanting to learn something. The other day I was working at Starbucks learning the new way of making the drinks. There are both good and bad aspects of this new method and a lot of it for me is somewhat bad. Mostly in part because I get very impatient when it comes to the drinks.

The focus has to shift from making up to four drinks at a single time to only one. This not only feels a little different but it feels like more of a hassle. Yes, I understand that we want each drink to feel personalized but to what extent. We are after all a business and in the end we are after the mighty dollar. At the rate we do business there is no possible way to maintain the rhythm constantly going and when we do get the big orders from the hospital offices that is when the method starts to unravel.

I have my own ways of making the drinks and it has always worked for me. I have gotten used to making drinks and making the both fast and right. People were happy and now seem to be a little disappointed at the new speed. Yes, I can still get some drinks out fast but the rest just feel like they are in queue. It is not me. I don’t like it one bit.

Having to change my mentality to creating one drink at a time is not going to be an easy task in the following weeks. With that going through my head for work it is no feat to realize that I want to take my mind off that when I get home. I want to be able to create sites right now and bypass all the classes but I know that if I do I will miss out on several things. I have site ideas that are now flowing and growing in my head and I want to be able to create them. The one thing that keeps me from doing it all is the code.

Code at this point is what really has me a little frustrated only because I feel like I cannot keep going or actually learn it. It is a little comical knowing that I can understand the basics of code but can’t quite expand on it just yet. In time I know that it will be like second nature but I just cannot be waiting on the sidelines at this point. The one thing that will keep me somewhat occupied is working on Illustrator and creating some random layouts in Photoshop until I can be satisfied.


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