Articles are written to inform, explain and even entertain. Some have merit where as others are just absurd to the point where we kind of have to read it twice or even more. Those are the ones that make me laugh the most. Entertainment is one thing that everybody loves. From a seven-year old boy dreaming of being an astronaut to the fifty-seven year old woman wanting to not have arthritis on her left knee. We all have ways and means of getting and being entertained and differ from person to person. Myself, I used to play video games and listen to music but now things have changed. Is it a little saddening knowing that my PS3 is just sitting and collecting dust while I go about my own little world.

Being engulfed in a world of bullets flying, zipping and grazing my digital self was my means of escape from the world even for a few moments at a time. Yeah, I did meet a bunch of great people while playing online but did I really learn anything out of it all? Games are a great way to escape and unwind from a long day. Being able to portray a bomb squad technician is something that most people don’t often like to pretend to be. I know I never did. This happened to me when the other day when I was playing Call of Duty. There are so many levels and so many roles that can be introduced to the world by mere graphics and sounds.

Holding on to my breath while I watched my character wait out the scout leave his position I kept thinking about how true to life some instances can really be in video games. Everything nowadays is starting to be more and more realistic. Movies are a great and perfect example of this. Everything is starting to be filmed in 3D. I don’t like it at all. It will get to the point where we won’t really know what is really real and what is not. Movies and television are slowly diminishing that fine line between imagination and reality. It is a little scary to think that in a way it is desensitizing the world of reality. Almost glorifying the negativity in the world by exploiting and throwing the macabre in your face with a bit of humor behind it.

Video games are another way of demonstrating the way the world is changing. It can be scary to think that a ten-year old is sitting in the comfort of his bedroom patiently waiting for the perfect moment to squeeze the digital trigger and get the head-shot on his opponent who could be a twenty-three year old female from Ireland playing on her boyfriend’s account while he steps outside to answer his home phone.

To this day I have owned an original Playstation, Playstation 2, PS3, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Pocket, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, N64 and when I was younger an Atari console. I have to say seeing the advancement and design of all the consoles has been a great one. Noting all the graphical and sound changes over the years is a crazy road to walk and wind your way through. From Atari to PS3 seeing how the elements of real life are applied to create a user interface that can double as a screen saver is pretty cool. What makes it even crazier is thinking about how many lines of codes are involved in creating said interface. Games have been a great way for me to get away and meet a few people along the way.

Sadly, I have little time in between my crazy schedule to play any recent titles. The most recent game I got a chance to play was Call of Duty 2. Have to admit it was very well executed with both game controls and storyline. I have so many things that run in my mind when I want to play a game. The biggest one really has to be about how will I find the time to play games when I go freelance. This should be a great journey.


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