Everybody loves to rent things. Trying before buying is a great concept. Works with movies, music, cars and often times books. Recently the wife and I went to Blockbuster to rent a few movies to end a long day. While we walked and browsed it got me thinking about how much movie rentals have changed over the years and the media format as well. I can recall seeing the cartons of VHS filled with that foam while the front desk had the actual movie behind the counter. Years passed and DVDs slowly crept in and morphed the entire stock room to a empty room to do cart-wheels on. Now we see both standard DVD and Blu-Ray side by side as rental but they don’t really change the movie a whole lot.

Yes movies have gotten better graphics but they haven’t really gotten better the writing and creativity department. Movies are still movies even if they are on old film. I remember when DVDs first made the scene they used to provide hours of fun with the special features they provided when it came to rentals. Now they just offer the movie and a few movie previews. The main reason I want to rent a movie is so that I can decide on whether or not I will actually buy the movie or not. Previews, I can quickly look up online so they are somewhat irrelevant unless they are closely related to the movie I am watching. I don’t want a preview to a Disney movie if I’m going to be watching a horror movie. It just doesn’t make sense.

Car rentals on the other hand are a little different because it is a big purchase. They can be for a short period of time like when you go on vacation or for a long time like when you lease one. While you are testing the car for that short or long period of time your mind can change and ultimately lead you to a different decision in the end of that cycle.

I guess for now I will just enjoy what I am given when it comes to the movie rentals and not worry so much about the extras they don’t provide.


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