Past, present and future

School is done for the year and I am pretty both happy and a little sad. Happy because it is one less thing to worry about but sad because I know that I could have done so much better than what I did. I always tend to do this to myself every time and I catch it almost too late. I really have to set goals and achieve them but when I have them set pretty high, I tend to never fully fulfill them. At least it feels that way to me.

I can recall being in fourth grade and there was this assignment that we all had to do. It was about a president that the teacher chose and we had to do the research and make four cards with four facts about said president. I was chosen to do it one George Washington. The U.S.’s first president. How delightful. Not being born in the United States I guess it was going to be both educational and a little inspiring. At least that was my thought process when I first saw my chosen president. Boy was I wrong.

I did little research, didn’t make the cards that were required and turned it in really late. I think part of it was because I felt really rebellious when I was younger and didn’t care so much about the outcome. Years later and I am still paying for that blunder of a thought. You would think that I would have learned from it but not really. I still wait until the last minute and don’t actually try and put forth much effort when I try and research a subject. I know I should, but I don’t.

The cards that we had to make were very simple too and I still didn’t even try to complete them. I had to stay after class for what felt like weeks until I had finished the project. I know I am full of so much potential but yet it feels like I somehow sabotage myself and prepare to fail by not making an effort to finish what I start. I have to work on that. Badly.

Most recent occurrence was not too long ago. I had to do a PowerPoint presentation for my internet class. I know it sounds a little odd having an internet class. It really does come as no major surprise because I will be using the internet as a means of making money and marketing myself. The class was a little focused on the history and the ethics and not so much about the advancements or future of the internet. I kind of wish it talked a little more about what the elements of what makes the internet such a huge part of everybody’s life. What makes a site and how to use the internet to your advantage.

In a way it did talk about that but to a certain extent. Not all the students that were in the class actually participated in all the discussions and the ones that did I had a bit of a hard time taking seriously. I think I only really respected the instructor and two people in that entire class. Again, I waited until the last minute to finish the assignment and I still passed that project with an eighty percent without even actually reading the guidelines. I really should have because I would have read that I actually needed to talk about the slides rather than just making slides. Oh well, there is one more class to add to the pass and one step closer to my degree.


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