So it is written…

So it is written…

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For the past few days and weeks all I have been doing is sulking. I don’t know why either. I have no reason to be. I have an amazing life. I know that I am loved my wife, my sister and some people. I can’t figure out for the life of me why I have been feeling this way. I think part of it is because of working both so much at Mel’s and for as long as I have been. I don’t really know what to think or say anymore. I tend to make up several excuses or try to delay it to the last-minute but I know that I really should not be doing that. I know that I am better than that and yet I still do it.

When I was looking over the application I kept telling myself that is who I really am. I am a self-motivated individual who likes to think outside the box and can work well with others. The only thing that I need now is the knowledge and how to apply it. So, I went ahead an ordered two books to read while I am still attending school. I went and bought the JavaScript Bible and DOM Scripting: Wed Design with JavaScript and the Document Object Model so I hope that will give me further insight and motivation to continue and do well in my classes that I will be in once more. I know I have so much to catch up to now but I know that it will be all worth it when I finish it all.



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