Good things…

Okay, so I got my two new books in the mail today. Technically it was yesterday but today Hilda went and got them from the front office. I also got my new pair of glasses that I ordered from Zenni Optical’s website. I have to say that I really love them and am so happy that I made the purchase. So, on with what I really wanted to get across.

The two books that I ordered from Barnes and Noble online were DOM Scripting and JavaScript Bible (7th Edition). I have decided that the only way to advance my learning is to take action and try it out myself. So what better way than to read the materials that will be my future guidelines and reference sheets in my career. In the later parts of the week and month I will be reading the first one which will be the bible and will try to post my progress and my dilemmas that I may encounter while reading and trying out the examples on the provided CD-ROM. I will hopefully try and finish the book as quickly as possible and will then read the second one.

The one thin that is really exciting about all of this is that I feel fairly confident that I will understand more so than I have in a long time. For some time I wanted to get more into web design but never really knew how to get into it. I know now what some of the things that I need to know are and can now take some steps to better understand my career choice.

The other good thing is the glasses that came in the mail. I placed an order for a pair of glasses that I wanted to try out and I think that I am in love. The glasses are pretty cool in that they are transitionals. This is my first pair of transitionals that I have ever owned and I think that I will be keeping that trend. They are a simple black, full frame set that really do fit my style and if I must say so myself look good on me. The next pair that I get will be from the same place but will be for a different purpose. I am thinking of getting a pair for when I have to type so such on the computer. I know that I will have to be in front of the monitor for hours on end and I don’t want my eyes to be strained from it so I will be doing some research on what makes for a good pair of glasses for monitor viewing.

For now I will just be reading and trying to do some homework in between. I am just now wondering what my next classes will be. Until then I will just keep going…


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