Looking ahead

One more semester is coming to a close and I don’t like the way I ended it this time. I notice that I tend to almost lose steam towards the last few weeks and almost give up. That is what kills my grade in the end. That was what failed me in College Writing one and Digital Photography as well.

This semester I will be more focused on what I need to do and am determined to finish my studies on time. I cannot keep putting things off  the way I have been lately. This semester should be a fun one because from what I could tell I have Computer Applications, Graphic Design 102 and 241 so I’ll be reading about the history of graphic design and art and will be working with DreamWeaver CS5. For the longest time I wanted to use that to make sites but never really got too into it because it seemed like the easy way but I know that I will have to start using it professionally as well as habitually.

These past few days have really opened my eyes a little bit into the person I have become and what I need to do to change the things I found that I don’t like. This version of me will be a better updated version that will accomplish more and will be even happier about it.


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