One more post

Today I’ve felt more creative and inspired more than usual. I like it. When I got home I sat around for a little bit but then decided I should clean the mess I’ve been making these past few days. Yeah. I said it. Days. So I finally started the clean up when it hit me that I needed to do some laundry because I will have no clothing to wear when I go to work tomorrow. At least any clean articles that I could possibly get away with.

Onward with my day! I then check the status of my iPhone 4 and it will be here on Wednesday. Really pumped about this. I want to take pictures of the day. I know it sounds a little sad but I don’t really care; after all it is and will be my day of joy. I wanted this when I first heard and saw all the cool new things that they had changed from the 3GS. The best thing for me will be the flash that they added. 🙂 Should be a fun day. No work in the morning so I will get a chance to read more from my JavaScript Bible.

I am slowly inching my way in that book but that will be for another post, or day depending on which comes first. Or I could read more from the DreamWeaver CS5 classroom in a book to get a bit of a head start of the class. Either way I know I will better be reading that morning. Work at 4 and I kind of hope that I will be off early so I can come home and update my phone because I have a weird feeling that it will arrive when I am not home. Which tends to happen I notice when I get super, uber-excited about anything that will be coming in the mail.

That is what happened when I got my new glasses. I had to get them when I came home in the morning around six after having worked a graveyard shift. That was a fun night/day combination. It will be even better because when I get home I will want to fall asleep because I do have work at 6:3o in the morning afterwards.

Besides getting a new phone I am also waiting around for things to slowly unwind and unfold as everyday passes. What I mean by this is that at the moment it feels like I am truly living paycheck to paycheck. I really have had to watch how I spend my money. It has been a long time since I’ve had to do that. I think the biggest factor was when J got conned. I feel bad but it was a lesson she had to learn. It sucked that it effected the two of us and because of that we haven’t been able to touch our joint account in a long time…

All I know is that I can’t wait until I finish reading my books and can start making some headway on my career. It will be good…


2 thoughts on “One more post

  1. Ha, I finally found your blog!!

    You never cease to amaze me with your ability to do practically everything. For years your schedule has been crazy with all of your graveyards at Mel’s and then coming in early to work another 8 at the bucks. Oh how I miss working with you. You were always funny when you were half asleep.

    I hope everything works out with you guys.

    P.S. Do you post your pictures on this blog? If so where? I’ll do my own searching around in the mean time.


    1. No. I don’t post many pictures on this blog. If anything I have a flickr account that I use. I can’t recall the name off the top of my head but I’ll text it to ya when I get a moment. 🙂

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