All good things.

To those who wait. Yes, I’ve heard it plenty of times in my life and will try to abide by it. There are times however when that just doesn’t seem to happen. There are days when I feel I don’t want wait around. That was the case last night.
I was anxiously waiting the package that had my brand new iPhone 4 that was supposed to have arrived on Wednesday but because the package was “missed at the facility” I had to wait an extra day. This was not a good thing for me because it meant no phone for nearly four days. I missed calls from my job telling me I didn’t have to be in until later on and that made me a little mad.
The plus side is that I did finally get it but when it had arrived it had been nearly opened. I kept asking myself how that could have happened. Not so much for me but for the potential of other products that may also be treated in that manner. I then kept thinking about what if scenarios in my head. Over and over it played in my mind about the phone’s screen or one of the glass parts being cracked upon my opening the final packaging and then having to wait even longer.
Now I’m waiting at job one so I can update and sync my calendar so I can plan ahead.


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