Here we go again…

Another semester of school and I feel pretty good about this one. I feel pretty pumped about this semester because this time I know how to achieve the goals that I have set for myself. I know for a fact that I want to get not just passing grades but keep and maintain a “B” average, or better, throughout my entire schooling. I know that I am more than capable of this so it will present no major challenge for me. The one challenge, I think, will be getting enough sleep in between it all.

Earlier today I went in to see what the rest of my week will be like and lo and behold I have the same work as I did last. Working everyday and trying to sleep in between each job. Now to only find the time to read all the material, take some photos and work on the computer applications class assignments and projects.

Aside from school I also want life to happen and do things that will make me happy. I am starting to plan my wedding anniversary that is about five weeks away from today. Wow. So strange to say that sometimes. Surprised that she chooses to  stay with me. Poor girl. This year I want to go to Yosemite and hike around a little bit. Walk around and take some pictures with the wife because last year we just spent it at home. Doing nothing.

The first few things that I need to start is saving and planning the entire trip. I want to get a rental car because I know my car will not survive the switchbacks going to and from there. I want to also take our bikes because there is no way that we will be driving around in Yosemite. I’ve learned that from the trips I’ve taken with the guys. Last one was a good one. The Yukon we took was a trooper and braved it all. This year I want to rent a compact because gas will be overly moderate when it comes to pricing.

Planning, executing and hopefully it all works out in the end when the day is over. Now to check pricing on everything and start a chant for growing some money…


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