Right on track…?

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Okay. Things are starting to look good for me. I like that. Last time I checked that was a good thing. Now I keep asking myself if this is really happening. Only reason is because there are times when it feels like things are too good to be true. At least for me. There are very few things in my life that have panned the way I wanted, or imagined, them to go.

School for me was sometimes hard. There were however moments and times that I excelled at. Math was one. Science sometimes. Anything that required or involved being creative was a breeze for me. Reading, writing and the occasional critical thinking was a bit too much to ask for my feeble little brain. Even to this day I still have to laugh at the fact that I know what I am capable of and still don’t apply myself.

Great example is my ability to focus on the task at hand. One thing I am thankful that I took Karate all those years. My concentration and ability to multi-task  is by far the best thing I got out of all those classes. That and the people I got to meet and places I got to go.

School started on Wednesday and it felt a little rushed only because I had to post my introduction for all three classes but I also had to post my initial response to the week’s discussion topic. So, I had to post six times for three classes in one day when I had to work at nine in the morning at one job and then later on at four in the afternoon at the other one where I would be off at around or before ten at night. Leaving me with only about an hour to post my responses had I not been lazy and posted prior to leaving for work. That was a fun day. Thankfully I did manage to get my posts in so I will at least get some credit for that. Then it hit the next day that I had to respond to two other peers by Sunday midnight on each discussion. So now that meant I had to post twelve times by Sunday night.

Oh yeah to add to the mix I had some minor reading to do. Two chapters in one class, thirty-two pages in another and two chapters and a vocabulary list to be completed by Sunday in the last one. Who said this was going to be tough?

So glad that this week has come to a close and I feel pretty confident that I will be doing much better in not only school but with all aspects of my life and how things are going. Now to read and hopefully understand what I didn’t already know…


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