Leap frog

I keep drawing a blank when I want to write sometimes and it drives me crazy! There are so many things that I can easily think about when I am nowhere near a pad of paper or even my iPhone. My mini-addiction as you will. I do find that pretty amusing. Over the years I see more and more adopters of the iPhone. Pretty soon it will get to a point that when a phone rings everybody will turn and look at their phone thinking that it is theirs.

It is really amazing to see how much things have changed over the years. From the introduction of the first generation iPhone to the 4G network phones, this leap-frog marketing and advertising has truly changed we all communicate and make money. Looking back on the very first phone I had when I was about sixteen, seventeen years old – Nokia – and now having an iPhone 4 it really is amazing to see the change in dynamics.

I think what I found, and still find, funny is that when they introduced the iPhone for the very first time I knew that Apple had set the bar and new standard for what was to be expected of what is now called a “smart” phone. I could tell all the major sellers were going to have to up their game to stay afloat or get ahead. Granted this is all in the U.S. and not over seas where they have had most of the now standard things several years ago. So for them it is more like a decade ago.

Another example that always make me want to keep up to date is computers. They are constantly changing, getting faster, cheaper, more compact. Much like most phones have been with the exception of a few phones that are geared towards entertainment. Those feel and look like mini tablets. Something I don’t really want to have in my pocket. What I want is something simple and does the job well. I also want my phone to be small but not too small to where I can’t find it in my own pocket. There really are too many things that I want out of a simple thing that used to function for one purpose and now does more.

I just can’t wait to see what is in store for the next five years.


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