Yes. Drafting. I have somehow managed to accumulate so many of those little things that I almost don’t really know what to do with them. Do I trash them, keep adding to them, edit them or simple just post what I have done so far? So unsure at the moment. Anyway I guess this just goes to show me that I really do have much more to talk about than I really thought. It just took me this long to finally realize it.

These drafts feel like they are almost overwhelming but not at the same time. It sounds a little strange at least for me. Part of the reason I feel that is because I have changing thoughts and I want to stay focused on that one idea that triggered my initial writing. Then about half way my brain decides its time to break out the drums and start a conga line of random ideas and thoughts. I hate it. I don’t like having my brain function that way all the time. It’s fine some of the time like when I want to ignore a person that is trying to sell me something or when I have to finish an assignment for class and I feel overwhelmed by it all.

I know I have to finish what I start but when I am able to go back and finish at a later time it is a little hard to actually finish. It’s like a molasses race. I know that I currently have three posts that are drafts that I have  yet to finish. I’m just glad that I don’t start a post everyday when I get a thought and want to write about it. A perfect example is a post about the human heart and what it has meant to me and what I think it is. This one I know will take some time to finish only because I get more examples to add nearly everyday.

All I know so far is that currently I am exhausted, a little hungry, extremely itchy for some reason and feel like I have lost nearly all track of  time. Oh, and that I will eventually finish whatever writings I started…



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