P’s and Q’s

This has been long overdue and I think that this is a perfect time to post it.

For the last four years I have been working at Starbucks and have loved every minute of it. Meeting new people, making new friends and just getting to be myself and get paid for it. Now not entirely myself, I do have to watch what I say sometimes and do have to abide by some rules and standards. I love some and of course others I’m not too fond of. But that is another story for another day. This time it is about the things I see happen before me and around me.

I know that this doesn’t just happen in my store but I do see it happen every so often in other places. I walk in to what I feel is a warm and friendly environment, order what I need/want, say thank you and get a quick: uh-huh. Now I know it’s not that hard to say you’re welcome, no problem or even anytime but really?

It takes me be back to when I was living in El Salvador and I was in class. Manners were practically embedded into or skins with the ruler if we didn’t show any respect to our elders, classmates or anybody of the faculty. I remember one day we were practicing how to walk in front of people who were having a conversation. You never walk between them! If you have to you had to at least say excuse me, pardon me or ask if we could pass. Now, I don’t know if some of these things were lost along the way for some people but it feels like something is very wrong.

At the jobs I’ve worked at these things were and are often disregarded. I hardly ever hear people say thank you, you’re welcome, no problem anytime, sure thing and just about any positive thing you can imagine. Just a simple: uh-huh. Like it was nothing at all; totally disregarded without a care in the world.

I think when I have kids I will teach them at least some manners if I haven’t lost them by then like some people around me…


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