Birthday fun

So yesterday was my birthday and I had to get away from the city of roses and ville. Not much action for me. Walking, talking and some food in between. Yay? Anyway, I planned ahead and rented a minivan for my little trip.

Destination: Yosemite National Park. Who was going? Myself, my wife, sister and her boyfriend and my friend Jesse. Unfortunately my two other friends, Mark and Mike, were unable to go with us. While that did not deter us from leaving on time it did however make me feel bad knowing that I wanted them to be there with us all.

The drive was about four hours away but it is always worth it for me. Reid, my sister’s boy-toy, had to sit in the front seat because he often gets car sick. The rest of the crew all sat in the back. While driving I kept my eye for random things as I often do. I did see a chicken in the center divider on the freeway so that made me laugh a little. Nothing else that really caught my attention to stop and pull over though.

When we finally arrived to the entrance I was happy. I hadn’t gotten pulled over, no accidents on the way and nobody had to use the bathroom. About ten minutes later I somebody’s bladder changed that. It made me laugh because I was getting to that point as well. I just didn’t want to say it aloud. We arrived in Curry Village and made our way to the bathrooms. Looked a little at all the falls that were nearby (Yosemite Falls) and made our way to the grocery store for some sustenance. I looked around for random gifts and knick knacks as I usually do. Grabbed a sandwich, chips and some orange juice. Made my way to the counter to pay and then went and sat down.

After having consumed our goodies, we started walking for the Vernal Falls trail. This was the first fall I ever hiked when I first visited Yosemite several years ago. Not much had changed. The only thing was the season. The first time I went it was around October so the fall was nowhere near being as full as this year. It made a sprinkler system look like a fire hose.

While walking I kept my eyes open for just about any photo opportunity I had to take as many pictures as I could. Several things caught my eye but for some reason I hesitated on most. Not really sure why I did but it I did. It was a little frustrating to think about that as we made our way to the falls. Once we got to the bridge I knew it was just a few more thousand steps to the top. I was getting a little nervous and excited all at the same time. It was a feeling like no other. I knew we would all reach the top and have to rest for quite some time after having conquered what must have been the king of all stairmaster workouts. My legs were starting to burn as I slowly inched and stepped forward.

I had finally made it to the top and my wife and friend Jesse were there with me. My little sister got halfway there and I am proud of her. I know she wanted to go further but her fear of heights had won this round. Maybe next year. While at the top we noticed that there was a fella that went over the safety railing, sat down and started to what appeared to be writing, drawing or painting. I wanted to do the same thing so I did. I went over and started to take some pictures. The wife was not happy. I was enjoying the angle of view and how vast the valley below looked. We rested a little bit and decided that we would go down and get some food. As we made our way down the trail so that we could meet my sister and her  boyfriend our legs began to feel like the running water beside us.

We traversed and finally made it to the bottom. We then headed to Curry Village once more to order some pizza from the shack. We sat and debated on what we wanted as our legs and feet unwound from the long journey up and down the trail. My sister ordered and as we sat waiting for the food to finish as we talked about everyday life. We then started craving some ice cream and went in to wait in line. I suddenly had an urge to use the bathroom so I went and made my way to the men’s bathroom. As I left I see my sister without an ice cream cone and said, “Line wasn’t moving.”

With plan out the window we chose to go to the village shop and get some run of the mill frozen treats. I walked around once more and looked at the random gifts available. Bought my ice cream, paid and then I made my way out the door. We rested a little bit longer and decided to go to the Ahwahnee Hotel to relax. As we sat on a wooden bench I kept thinking about my day. Everything had gone the way I wanted. Nothing was wrong and I was with people I cared about. So all in all it was a good trip.

After sitting there for a few minutes and taking in the cool breeze I asked if everybody was ready to go home. We all agreed and made our way back to the van. I started my way back home and once again I prepared myself for what was going to be a long, windy and somewhat bumpy ride home. I was rather surprised as to how quickly we made it back home. I edited a few photos and called it a night. The wife and I then started to watch Reno 911 on Netflix and I quickly passed out. Great way to end a long drive and a great day.


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