Design away…

This semester has been an amazing one so far. I have read so much that my eyes are still burning from the pages of the books. I feel more and more confident about not only what I want to do but will be doing in the following weeks and years.

Fundamentals of Web Design, History of Graphic Design and Ethical and Critical Thinking have really challenged me to not only read and write but to manage my time even more so than the last semester. In all my classes I am having to read at least one chapter from all four books as well as having to research for the assignments. Having only about five more weeks left and I can already feel like it is taking its toll on me. Being in the Web design class, however, has given me even more ideas and has made me want to plan future blog posts. The biggest one I think will be not only a site I am currently working on but the analyzing of both the design and implementation.

A perfect example of this is the site redesign I am working on for both class and real life. A girl from work currently makes and sells her own line of hand made jewelry that she sells both in real life but wants to sell online. She posted the site a few weeks ago and asked her friends what they thought. I was blatantly honest and told her that the look needed a little bit of love and was a bit distracting. I then started thinking about an article I had read a few months back on the site redesign a company did for and the details the went into. I realized that this was not only my attempt but great practice to my career. I feel really confident in not only the design but the overall project that I am about to tackle.

Really, I cannot wait to get more projects started once I finish my classes this semester because the next semester looks pretty promising…


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