Thinking ahead

It really has been way too long since I wrote something on here and actually posted it. I still have to finish writing my two previous one that I am constantly thinking about and can’t seem to get out of my head. A lot of it feels like I am constantly seeing what I am writing about and want to add on to it; as if it is a never ending chain of events that I want to write about and express my feelings about but I know that I really shouldn’t do that.

This post is more or less a small glimpse of what and how my life has been these last few week/months since I last actually published anything.

I, sadly, am not going to be attending Westwood College for an undisclosed amount of time. Long story but I feel it is both for the good and bad. A lot of good though since I am still determined to learn, even on my own through plenty of reading that I have been doing. I usually was that type to take the initiative so it really is and was no surprise that I am now choosing to learn PHP and SQL to further enhance my repertoire of self-taught things. Add that to my list of guitar, piano, violin, and just about anything that I find intriguing.

Aside from school there have been many things that feel like a freight train is coming at me but what is really strange is that I feel somewhat ready and confident in being to take on it. It may hurt but I know that I will be one step closer to being happy.

These past few days have been really good and have helped clear my mind of a lot of things and has helped my focus on what I really need to do and in a way how to go about it. I think this is a good time to really say that in my future postings I will more or less post about not only about my learning but about my discoveries as well. I think that this will not only encourage me but motivate me even more so because, I hate saying this, as of lately I haven’t felt much motivation. It makes me sad to think about how much I really could have accomplished had I been motivated. That is in the past now and I can hold my head up higher and know that I will be happy once more…


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