Understanding what it means to me

These past few days have been a little blurry but good. I got to work on a PHP contact form that I am still battling with and will be for the next few days, I got a chance to relax and not worry about any homework assignments or post deadlines to meet but yet it all still felt somewhat empty and like I really accomplished nothing in that mean time. I also sort of started phase two of the design on my friend’s website. Working with Joomla will be a pretty interesting experience but will be fun in the end when all is said and done.

I finally managed to correct the issues I was having when I first started the Joomla installation and can now move on to trying to template the actual site. I will be reading a lot more and more about this from the main site because I know that I will be learning a lot by not only reading but doing as well. The community that I have since looked at seems not only very welcoming but very happy to help as well. I just have to keep my head up and focus on the task at hand. This should be an interesting few weeks to follow. Coding here I come!


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