Sites galore!

Recently I have been working on two/three sites. One being a shopping cart that I finally realized how to work with and the second is a site for an auto broker. The second one is the one I have been spending more and more time on since this will be a good way to understand how Joomla works. Since starting I have understood how Joomla sort of functions when it comes to creating a site and how to somewhat code for it. The one thing that I need to really do is start/finish on the major parts of the images and so I can start working on the CSS portion of it all. The brunt of all the code will be done via Joomla so that really means that I just have to worry about the overall look of the site.

The next task will be the shopping cart system. I really need to inspect and test every little aspect and detail of the site because it is a re-design. I am tempted to erase it all and start fresh but it will be such a hassle to put every single product into the catalog again. Aside from that I feel pretty good that I will be able to style the site pretty fast and easy. I just hope that my eyes don’t strain when I do so like they have been these past few days looking at the monitor for as long as I have been doing so.

I really need to learn to take breaks in between but once I get going and get into a sort of groove, I can’t really help it and I lose track of time far too quickly.


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