What am I expecting?

It has been a while since I last posted about what things have been going on in my life and I think it is about time I did that. One change so far is that I am not attending school and that makes me a little sad. The only reason I say a little is because it has given me plenty of time to think about what it is I really want out of my life. I have been trying to work on a friend’s site that he wants to try to get running by the end of this month and I feel somewhat confident that I will meet that deadline. I think the biggest issue will be styling the overall site to look like what I designed inside of Photoshop. The only reason I say this is because I am not entirely sure how Joomla works but little by little I am understanding. The few files I have actually looked at have given me insight on how the application interprets the code.

Aside from working on my friend’s site I am slowly trying to work on another site that deals with hand-made custom jewelry that a girl from one of my jobs does on the side. This one is a bit trickier only because it uses a scripting language that I’m not fully familiar with but am sure that I can pick it up rather quickly. The thing that really throws me is the way the stylesheets are organized within the entire site itself. There is a local one but it almost seems like it is far too easy for it to be just the main one. This is going to take some time. When it is all done though I will be more than happy and can add it to my ongoing portfolio.

The one that has really been driving my crazy is my own personal site that I am wanting to work on. I really want to use WordPress and want to create a theme for it so I can get more experience with it. The only downside at the moment is that I really want to purchase a domain but still haven’t decided which host I want. There are three that I could potentially use but I will have to ultimately chose only one. Designing it has been a pain because I am not sure what elements I really want to have and how I want the overall site to feel like. The biggest hurdle will be in transferring all my blog posts to the new site, I think. This one will take a few weeks. Can’t wait.

Websites have been flowing in my mind but that is nothing compared to what I really am trying to wrap my head around. No. Let me rephrase. The one thing that I am overly excited about but have yet to really show and this is that I will get a chance to be a father. The wife and I are expecting our first in the first few days of June. This is going to be so much fun! Crazy, but fun. Part of me is really hoping to have a girl but in all actuality I just want a healthy baby. The one thing that is taking us forever is coming up with a middle name for a girl. We already have a boy’s name picked out and the first for a girl but no such luck with a middle. Things have been going really smooth this time and it makes me happy to hear her laugh about it all.

The reason I say “this time,” is because about three months ago she was about eight weeks pregnant and she unfortunately lost it. She fell into a slight depression and as much as I hate admitting this it did effect me as well. Not that she lost the baby but the fact that I felt like I couldn’t be there for her somehow. My mentality during all of this took a slight hit so I wasn’t myself entirely. Things happen for a reason and am glad that things are now looking better than they were prior.

Today marks twelve weeks and the wife couldn’t be happier. Yes, it does drive me nuts from time to time to hear what shape our future daughter/son is slowly taking or what people are saying on random forums but deep down it actually makes me happy to see and hear how happy she is about it all.

Aside from being a future dad, we will be moving out in a few months as well. This task will be fun…


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