Learning from the past

One slightly sore subject for me. Over the years I keep reading and hearing that in order to see ahead we have to learn from our past. I have to ask the question though that if we look back into our past what makes us really move ahead when we are tracing backward? What’s to say that we don’t get stuck in that past and repeat what we never wanted. So really how are we learning if we repeat our past?

I constantly keep coming back to this subject in my head because I look back at my previous relationships and keep wondering if I had done something different would we still be together. Then I realize that I wouldn’t be where I am in my life and I wouldn’t be who I am.

This mental status, this physical state and emotional capsule of who I have become over the years is thanks in part to those relationships so really I can sort of say that I have learned from the past but when I look back on the things I said and did that is when I start to repeat my patterns that I no longer liked, the traits I never wanted and changed for myself and not others.


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