New things in my life

I know I said I would delete this but I didn’t. Deep down inside of me I just couldn’t remove this part of my life no matter how hard I wanted to.

It has been well over a year since I even posted anything on my free blog and I missed it. To a certain extent. The reason is because I chose to have my own domain and have a self hosted install. It’s been good. I have learned a lot in the last year. I have also experienced a lot in that amount of time.

One of the things I learned was to be even more patient. I now have a new addition to my life: Salvador Jack – I often times call him my little man or SJ – and that is where I have managed to gain that patience. Yes, I will often  times lose my cool and get angry but that is a different story for another time.

I think I will post on both but in time will decide as to which ones get what posts.


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