The last decade

On May 1st I read a post that truly got me thinking.  This was something that took a little bit of both planning and processing. Why? Because I had to really think about the last ten years of my life. Not only what things I have experienced but where I was in my ability and knowledge.


  • Graduated half a year early. I chose not to walk.
  • My first job: Plutos Restaurant.
  • Registered for Sierra College with no major in mind

First interaction with WordPress: 2010

  • Started a random blog ( this one )
  • Wanted to get into web development/web design
  • Sought to learn on my own
  • Married for two years
  • Worked at Mels Original Diner as a cook and Starbucks

Late 2011, early 2012

  • bought my first domain and started experimenting with WordPress
  • Started helping out in the support forums
  • Wanted to attend WordCamp SF wound up watching online ( Learned a lot )
  • Found out I was going to be a father
  • Learning JavaScript on my own

2013 ( so far )

  • Celebrated 5 five years of marriage ( 8 years being together )
  • Happy to be a part of the WordPress Theme Review Team
  • Looking to have first WordPress theme completed and in the repository by the end of the year

So there it is a brief summary into my WordPress history and of course a little more. Over the last ten years I have learned a lot not only on my own but from others as well.



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