5 Years ago

I logged on to my .com hosted blog and I see that there is a little icon that is catching my attention. I like it, click it and it tells me: Happy anniversary. My initial reaction is a bit of confusion since I don’t recall an anniversary that is coming up. Or at least one that I should be worried about. My wedding was in April, my birthday the month after, SJ was born a month after that and nothing happens until November when it’s Jamie’s birthday.

I click the link and as it turns out I’ve had this blog for five years now. Crazy! Over the course of those years I have learned quite a bit. I am constantly learning new ways of doing things and I hope to never stop learning either. Reading has been a big thing and I haven’t done much of that the last few years. I’m not really sure as to why I haven’t read much but I plan on changing that. Recently I bought two books that I want to finish reading.

One is Code: The hidden language of Computer Hardware and Software and I am really liking the way it is both structured and reads. It really isn’t your typical computer science book and it doesn’t have a lot of images which is perfectly fine. What is does have, however, is a great detail for comparison and breaking things down. It quite literally dumbs things down without dumbing it down.

The second book I picked up was on JavaScript. Part of that reason is because I am more determined to learn more about the language than I was before. I know that JS is capable of a lot of things and I really should have taken the time to learn that when I did. Now, I feel like I am just a little behind but am confident I will be more than able to catch up and advance my learning by not only reading the book but by experimenting more and more.

There was another book I saw that really caught my attention but will have to wait until I finish my current curriculum of books. This is going to be a great time for me since I am slowly getting the hang of how to time things a little better for reading and writing code.

Now if I could only pause life for about an hour a day that would be amazing!


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