Making some clothes

This has been a bit of weird thought for me the last couple of weeks. I think ever since I went to WordCamp San Francisco really. Ever since then the one thing that keeps popping into my mind is that a WordPress theme is just a suit. Then I got to thinking about how “the clothes doesn’t make a man,” and an article’s title [Content is King] are closely related. It does sound a little strange but I have a strange way of connecting the dots.

The reason this was really brought up was when Jamie decided to get a job she had to go out and get work attire. While that is fairly true for just about any job it truly rang a strange bell for me.

Her new job would comprise of talking to people, walking and getting out more than she is – and was – used to.  Now, the way this links to me is that I have been working at Starbucks for over five years and have had to wear the typical, khaki, black and white for those five years and a little longer since before working at Starbucks my previous job also required khakis and a white shirt.

Up until recently I was only doing it because I had to but when WordPress WordCamp rolled around I found myself wearing clothing almost closely related to my current work clothes.

I quickly realized that something had to change.

The one talk that really stood out the most for me was Ian’s since he had brought up a quick story about his prom and his attire. I felt almost the same way. In a way the clothing we wear is just an appearance. The outside changes but the inside remains.

So to a certain extent the clothing does not make the man. Yes, the man makes the clothing but it doesn’t really define him. I could just as easily wear a tuxedo and people would think I’m going somewhere fancy when in reality I could just be going out to check the mail.

I know what you’re thinking: get to the point. How does this pertain to making clothing.

The reason it relates is because I realized that content truly is king. I can change the look of my blog but the words remain the same.

For as long as I’ve had my personal site I’ve been struggling on how to present my site and what direction I really want it to go. Do I want both personal and professional posts or just one? That was until recently. I now know that I want this particular blog to be about my personal life and random thoughts I have and want to share whereas my personal site will be more focused on WordPress development, resources and career postings.

Now I just have some cleanup to do on both.


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