Life’s little choices

So recently I was told of an event that happened and I can’t help but wonder why? Why would you say such a hurtful thing to another person?

I know I’ve shared my thoughts on how words are meaningless, or at least some are. To me they are. To others they may not be. A perfect example of this was the scenario described to me at work the other day. I had to step back a bit to sort of question how I would respond to that situation.

What really drew the line for me was the judgement being made on the person that didn’t really ask for any sort of input. It was almost as though one person wanted to be that instigator, the little thorn on the lion’s paw, that little itch you can’t really reach but want to person.

Now, I have never been the organized religion type, nor do I want to be, but it seems to me that is really not human.


Yes. Human. A big part of ‘human’ity. I feel that being human means being able to accept people for who or what they are.

I think this world would be just a little bit better if we all learned that. Just because somebody has an opposing view does not make them wrong. A great example of this would be my ungodly love for meats. As of lately it seems to be chicken. I guarantee that there are several, if not millions of, people who would completely disagree with that. Now, if I turn the tables around a little bit and talk to a group of people who are vegetarian I have no issue with them.


It is their choice, at least often times it is their choice. There are some cases where they can’t have meats or certain animal products because of possible health related issues.

Yes, this has been on my mind for some time but I feel now is a pretty decent time to really share this with everybody. I think what really sparked this post the most was when I was in the shower and was debating on whether I should use conditioner or not. Yeah, conditioner has that effect on people.

What it comes down to is that I choose to let people be happy in their decisions in life. I may not agree with it but I should really have little to no effect on their choices.


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