Late cleaning


Yes, you read that right. Cleaning. I do it. Just not all the time. This time I chose to clean out my main computer that I put together a few years back. It has been a pretty solid build if I say so myself and it has been long overdue for a cleaning.

I took out the side panel, got my trusty can of compressed air, a screwdriver and began by removing the video card. Then I took the compressed air and started blowing out all the dust build up that was on the heatsinks of the card. That was fun. I think there is still some dust on my hair. The next thing on the list was the CPU fan and heatsink. It was a little tricky because I didn’t want to remove the heatsink. The main reason is because I don’t have any thermal paste to put on before re-installing the heatsink. Maybe down the road but we’ll see how things go.

I managed to get a good portion of the dust out with the first can of air thankfully but there was still the power supply and the fans to clean. Luckily I bought a three pack and used the second one on the rest. Yeah it wa that dirty.

Like I said earlier, long overdue.

What else?

The next thing I wanted to clean was the dishes. Yeah. About that. I put them in the machine but I didn’t really hand-clean them. I haven’t done that in years. I think the last time I actually washed a dish by hand was when I was working at Plutos or maybe when I was working a Mel’s Diner but  then again both had machines that did most of the work.

Really it has felt like a somewhat productive day for me and that will go in my ‘win’ column.


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