Rambling about music and the past

Flamenco sheet music
Flamenco sheet music

For years I have listened to techno music. One of the first songs I ever heard was from the CD Tsunami and was from a duo that changed how I felt about music in general. That duo was Infected Mushroom. The second to last track ( Symphonatic ) changed my perspective completely.

From then on I wanted to listen and explore more music not only by them but other similar artists. A few years passed and I was working at Plutos. One of the guys that had been recently hired was almost that stereotypical ‘hippie’ and was just hanging around, smoking a cigarette. No big deal, I said.

I walk up to him, ask what’s up and then sat next to him. We both stared as people walked by with their bags from Abercrombie, American Eagle, Gap, Spencer’s, Sears, Starbucks as well as other nearby stores. He simply responded with, “nothing much, just on my lunch.”

I was there to pick up a friend of mine so I had time to waste. We talked, got to know one another and realized we had a few things in common. One of which was our taste in some music. Techno. You guessed right.

At the time my music selection was sparse. The thing to remember is that I never really got into pirating music back then because I loved the physical feeling of a cd, having the album art and looking over the intricate designs some of my favorite musicians had for their album covers. I only had, I think, two cds that were techno at the time.

Well, my coworker and I kept talking for a few moments until my friend showed up. We kicked it off and I asked if he was working the next day, which he was, so I asked him if he needed a ride he could call me. He asked me on the spot instead. Asked where to pick him up and what time. We agreed and took our separate routes for the rest of the day.

The next day I woke up, got dressed and made my way to pick up my co-worker. He was there waiting. Thankfully not very long. He  got in the car and we made our way to work. Once we got to the main junction I turned to him and said, “have you heard this song?” and quickly turned up the volume on my car stereo. Within the first twenty seconds, he turns to me and said, “I actually partied with this guy in San Francisco.”

Yeah. He partied with Penta. In San Francisco. It was cool to hear and of course I was a little jealous but that passed. He was kind enough to let me borrow his collection of techno and trance cds and even gave me suggestions on which cds I would like more than the others. There were some really good ones that to this day I still listen to.

From then on I tried to find a site that specialized in selling techno music. I found one ( no longer around ) to be of great use so I made my first purchase. I bought three and they gave me a free one and included some stickers. I still have them on my cd case. Yes, I had one devoted to just techno music.

Many, many years have passed and I have managed to both listen and get more techno music; though I still listen to some of those albums the one that really makes me happy to hear is Seismic Mood. If you ever get a chance to listen to it, enjoy it, or maybe even buy it to support a great musician and his label.


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