Another one bites the dust

Another year down and another year wiser. At least I would like to think so. The last twelve months were good. We saw some good things, some bad things and everything in between.

I went to visit my little sister in Oregon for a week and it was a great experience for not only me but for SJ and Jamie. True that SJ was a little young but we made an attempt to document as much as possible while we were there.

Worked all year doing graveyard shifts and saw a lot of people come and go. Met many new friends and lost contact with a few. Life happens. Work happens. Family happens.

I’m posting this because I’ve had a lot of things coursing through my mind and can’t seem to keep quiet about them. To a certain extent, I guess. As many of my friends and family may, or may not, have noticed I’ve been posting on two separate sites. This one and then my self-hosted one running WordPress. The other one I’ve tried to maintain and write about WordPress development.

When I come across something that I’ve never seen I want to share it. So I blog about it on that one. Like I said though it is WordPress development so you may or may not see a lot things you may like.

This one I’ve decided to keep going but haven’t posted in some time. Part of that reason is because I’ve been a little busy with SJ, work and trying to sleep in between. Yes, Jamie does fall in there too. We’ve been learning as we go I guess you could say. Nothing is ever perfect.

There’s more!

Yes, there is more to say. I told you I’ve had plenty on my mind.

So here goes a quick list of the things I have dwelled on all of last year or at least a good portion of it:

  • WordPress
  • Family
  • Work
  • Money


No shock there, right? If you haven’t been following my other blog you will see how many posts I have just on WordPress alone. Last year I got a chance to go to WordCamp San Francisco. It was a great experience. We only stayed for one day but you know what? I’m glad I went. Even for that one day. Going there gave me a glimpse of something I know I will forever love doing.


Yeah. Always on the top of my list. My little sister is key for me. Besides Jamie and SJ, she is my biggest support. Without any of them I wouldn’t be where I am now. They all encourage me, push to be better and lift me up when I’m down. That does include all my other cousins both near and far.


Duh! Of course I’m going to worry about work. Not my current job but what I want to be doing. There are times when I do question if I’m capable of doing what I want to be doing. I’ve met a lot of people last year alone to know that I’m at least taking the right steps to being happy with my career choice.


Very few people will argue that one. An amazing stress in life, right? Part of that reason is because I’m not content with how I’m making the money. That’s where the work worry also stems and branches off. I have dreams, I have hope. Now, I just need to find the right pieces of the puzzle and place them where they belong. Every day I do feel like I’m getting closer to that. Financial stability. I don’t want money. Just sucks that in this society it is needed.

And then?

So there you have it. A little piece of my brain. My mind and thoughts splattered on a digital canvas.


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