Finding the right pitch and tune


Pitch. And tune.

Two of my favorite things in life. There are many other things but currently I’m thinking about music, rhythm and harmony. So pitch and tune are up there at the moment.


I have a weird way of thinking. If you really want to even call it thinking. My brain has this habit of processing things in a slightly skewed and different manner than most people. At least from what I’ve noticed over the years.

One thing I’ve noticed is how my brain branches out to create subtle connections to link a lot of things together in order to guide me to what I finally spew out of my mouth. For example, if somebody says the word potato my brain, within milliseconds, start to output images of potatoes and then I begin to see the words, potato, starch, famine, Irish, fries, skins, redskins, Indians, Native Americans, bread, chips and the list can just keep going until I finally just say, “those things are just weird.”

Yeah, I will say that.

I know it seems a little out there to be talking about how my brain can go from one subject and then change it within seconds but I’ve learned it’s important to think about those decisions that are being made. In my current state the reason those two words resonate more than before is because I started to re-read, skim over, my typography books.

Yes, I do have books.

On typography. You did read that right. I was first introduced to it when I first started taking courses at WestWood. Honestly, I never really put much thought into that until I started reading the history of graphic design. That was when I started to dive deeper and deeper into the subject. The more and more I read, the more I realized it was something I already loved.

A small flashback

When I was younger, my dad started his own company. I can still recall the name because really it’s one of those things you never forget. Like a first kiss, that memory is still there and will always be there with me. The thing I hated most was having to get on the computer to help my dad with a formatting issue. That and him constantly looking over my shoulder. Drove me nuts.

The thing to remember here is that when I started using design software I didn’t even know what I was actually using. I just opened the program and messed with tools. I would eventually break a few things here and there but would generally have to rely on history in order to go back to a previous state. The one tool I loved using the most was actually the text tool.

A little weird, right? I think so.

Meeting halfway

When my dad started his business, he chose me as his turn to designer. I mean that’s what most people tend to do right? Look inside and if that fails look externally. When he needed a letterhead, business card, cover letter, brochure and, yes, the logo he turned to me. Looking back and knowing what I know now it is a huge undertaking for teenager. At least it was for me at times.

Of course there were times I had to disagree and show my dad my logic and way of thinking as to why it worked better if I did it a certain way. It’s not easy being the bad guy when you’re that young.

The one thing I can remember distinctly is having several discs with clipart and fonts. Yes. Fonts. These were the things my dad would buy to help me visually adhere to what I would love later on in life. It does sound a little strange but true to a degree.

Now that I’m older and about three years wiser I can say that it all has led me to here. Reading, reading, reading and taking notes on typography. I’m glad it has. I have learned a lot over the years and want to continue learning more.


I know what you’re wondering. How is this all even remotely related to pitch and tune.

Don’t compose without a scale.

Well, it all ties together because when I was reading Elements of Typographic Style I came across a title that struck a chord with me.

And of course my mind began to process all sorts of images and words. Until finally, my brain said, “Musical scale meet typography.”


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