Embracing the frustration

So I’m sitting at work, on my break and thinking. Again.

Yeah, this is a bit of rant but I feel relates to many people. Over the last seven, or so, years I’ve have the privilege of working with a lot of people. Baristas, servers, cooks and a lot of management. It doesn’t surprise me when people tell me –or ask me– to step up and be a shift supervisor or manager.

No, thanks. I want to stay happy.

It does change you. Working at Starbucks for as long as I have you see how it can change you. Some people for the good and some for the bad. Now, this may sound a little narcissistic but it is true. I can be a good leader. Part of that reason is because I do think about the people around me and not myself. I was raised not to be selfish.

I think that is part of the reason I love helping in reviewing WordPress themes when I get a chance to. And the biggest reason I love helping in the support forums of the WordPress.org side. I would like to help more and more on the WordPress.com forums but feel a little bad that I don’t frequent them as much as I probably should.

I love helping. I do.


Yes. Often times it does build up but only because of my coworkers. Yeah. I said it. I’m not going to sugar coat it either. There are times when I get frustrated because of the animosity that can build up between people.

I have always hated conflict. It may come as a shock to many because I like to get a rise out of people but I would rather they be mad at me than one another. It’s pointless to be angry, or mad. Nothing gets accomplished and nothing is really resolved.


Yes. Embrace. One of the reasons I love working at Starbucks because I love helping people. I like making people smile. Yes, there are times when I’m not in the mood but that is very rare.

One of the key things I loved about Starbucks was they are welcoming. Very embracing if you will. The last three months I haven’t really seen much of that. I don’t like that.

I don’t like that at all.

I’ve seen people get more confrontational and defensive. Not as much encouragement as I used to see. I wish I could say it’s the age factor but it’s not. It is a little saddening to see and hear some of my coworkers act and react the way they do.

Sometimes I just don’t know. I guess for now I will do my best to embrace it all.


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