A blank canvas at night

It’s night. Not like any other night. The weather is calm; no wind, no clouds. Just fireflies suspended in space on a black surface. That little glimmer of color; that faint soupçon of blue and purple just around the edges giving the sky its trademark splatter of lights.

Sitting, looking up and waiting for the perfect moment. Camera staged and ready for action. The moment is quickly nearing and my heart is racing. Pounding. The rhythm in my veins and the melody of the mood quickly engulfs me. Wraps and ravishes every fiber of my mind. This peaceful moment is serene and stored away.

This labyrinth I call my mind is becoming undone. Slowly trickling and crumbling with every second that passes by. All I can do is watch. All I want to do is watch. The beauty of destruction; majestic in nature with a hint of chaos.

This silence pierces and tears my ear drums. The elegance of this moment. This still-frame caught and exposed with just the right amount of light and carved in my mind. A silhouette of a time long ago; filed and tucked away.

The dark blues, purples, greys and all the hues fused together to create this painting of a moment I shared with a friend.

I am lost in the moment. We are sitting in a park, watching the night sky and soaking up as much silence as we can. We smile, look up and talk. We share moments, we share our lives. We are starting to get to know one another. This path of friendship is slowly taking shape. Slowly emerging showing us the way.

I look around only to find myself staring, gawking and thinking. Thinking of what will evolve and ensue. Brain overloads with emotions, visions and thoughts. This is our first date.

Our first date. Strange to say that Jamie and I shared our first few moments in a park, at night. She painted and I took pictures. By far one of my all time favorite days of my life.


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