Growing older and not much wiser

This year marks two years for our little man. Yeah, he’s getting older and we would like to think that we are getting wiser.

Wiser in that we learned from mistakes and from one another. Jamie and I have made progress in both our individual lives and as a family. It’s been good. I can honestly say I haven’t felt this good about our relationship in a long time.

Jamie has been painting a lot more and I love seeing that. SJ has been making progress in that he is slowly starting to know what really grinds our gears. Can’t think of where he learned that from. I have been making strides with learning to balance a digital life and real life.

Yeah, it does sound a little odd but it is true. I often times get entrapped and super-immersed into my computer that I shut the world around me out. I forget I have people around me to interact with. It’s been a good thing that I notice it and take the necessary steps to correct it.

The plus side: I have the next few days off from work and I’ve been super productive with things I’ve wanted to get done.


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