Two halves don’t always make a whole

Making my way home from work this morning was a little different. I say morning only because for many it is. For those that work nights you know the feeling. Off at 2, 3, or even later in the “morning,” is not always the easiest thing in the world.

Why? Because you don’t really know if you should sleep or stay awake. Yes, your body is tired, often times weak but your mind will wander. It creates a third world and that’s when hilarity will ensue. At least for me; to a certain extent.

A little history

For years, I never really had the best sleeping pattern in the world. I had an amazing track record of not sleeping the best and getting about four hours of sleep on a given day. I got used to it. I loved it; I embraced it. I mostly read about things that really intrigued me. Photography, graphic design, audio, cabinet making, construction, physical labor and a little bit of psychology. Yeah. I read. A lot. Like a lot, a lot.

You could say I had an obsession with reading late at night. It was my addiction.

I’m happy I read all those things. It’s led me here. Typing. In front of a computer screen while listening to music while Jamie and SJ are sleeping.

Notice how I casually brought up my family? That’s because that’s what was on my mind when I got off work. It’s not so say that they aren’t on my mind. Just this one time was particularly more significant than any other. So far -at least- in my life.

Words, words, words

At work -currently Starbucks- people ask me why I work overnights and not during the day. Simple: it works for us. Jamie can work during the day and I can watch SJ when she’s at work. No need to hire somebody or drop him off anywhere. It’s amazing and a bit of a pain in the butt sometimes. But you know what? I wouldn’t change it.

The next question I get asked is how I do it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: because of them. That’s how I’m able to do it. I work this hard, I dedicate all this time to accomplish the things I want because of Jamie and SJ. Some might say that Jamie is my better half.

I like to think that Sj and Jamie are my better whole. Without them I am nothing. Of course not literally but you get the idea.

When I get home from a long day of brain melting, repetitive question asking, coffee bean smelling and aerated milk spilling I can take solace in knowing they encourage me and push me to be a better me.

And for that they are my better whole. My life, my loves.


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