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Let me paint you a little picture. It’s a photo that constantly reminds me of how happy I want to be; how happy I know I can be and how I happy I really am. I’ve never physically held it in my hands. At least not yet. If I do, it will actually bring tears to my eyes. Tears of happiness.

The photo was taken nearly a year ago and is used as my profile photo for my Facebook. I only have about six photos in that album. The first one I took with my fedora. One I took when Jamie and I went down to McWay Falls. One of me and Jamie getting ready to go to Hawaii. One with Jamie and I making random faces at the camera and one of just me that Jamie took. The one that was used the longest was of Jamie and I making faces.

Why such a long time?

That profile photo lasted me what felt like years. I never changed it. Never wanted to and never really felt I needed to. It showcased my relationship with Jamie. It stood for how we not only view the world but our friendship as well. At least to me.

It is funny that I never really thought about those things until a few years back. I can’t fully recall when I began thinking that way but it does make a world of difference. I look at other profiles and wonder why they chose the photo they chose. I know for some it has some sentimental reason. It’s not me.

When SJ was born I set out to change my profile photo to one that included all three of us and encapsulated who we were and are as a family.

Analyze it

The last two, three, years I’ve been reading, writing and exploring the world of WordPress. When the chance to go to WordCamp San Francisco Jamie not only supported the decision she wanted to go with me. Not to attend the lectures but to explore San Francisco while I sat through it all.

Now, as I said earlier I had a few photos prior to the one I currently have. The one prior was the one I took with my iPhone and a little app ( Pocketbooth ) but only one of the panels. To this day it still is one of my favorite photos of me and her.

When you look at it you see me on the left hand side and Jamie on the right. Faces, Just faces. Jamie is slightly squinting, mouth partially open and is a little bit more towards the top of the photo than I am. I’m flaring my nostrils, showing my bottom teeth and have my eyebrow raised. The photo was taken on our couch. Well over three years ago. Still love it.

Memorize it

That photo stayed up for so long I felt like I would never change it. That was until we went to San Francisco for WordCamp. Jamie placed reservations on a hotel, I got my ticket for the conference and requested the days off. We were set. Partially. There was a little issue called Salvador. He would need to be entertained for several hours while I would sit through a lot of lectures. Jamie found a way. How? I’m not sure but she did.

They both had fun. I had a blast listening and soaking up as much information as I possibly could.

I only stayed for a few because I noticed my little man was beginning to get a little restless. So we made our way to the hotel. Checked in and began to call it a day. I took a quick shower and so did Jamie. We put our pajamas on and watched some tv hoping SJ would eventually get tired and fall asleep.

Now, when Jamie was taking a shower I was sitting on the bed with SJ taking some random photos. We both started showing our tongues, I would close one eye, give little man a peck on the cheek and just be random. Once Jamie was done she sat next to us and wanted to look at some of the ones I had already taken. She laughed, I laughed, we all laughed.

I, then, told her that I wanted to get a photo of all three of us. Making goofy faces. She agreed. That photo is what I now use for my Facebook profile photo. It is a tribute to how I see our family: happy, silly, random and together.

The future

Today marks six years that we have been married. I say married because it hasn’t all been a happy marriage. I never expected it to be. I have loved every moment of it. Lived every minute of it and will cherish every thought of it.


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