Evoking emotion

Two years ago my life changed. Six years ago I began a journey; nearly a decade ago I made a connection. It sounds strange to me that for the last few years I’ve never noticed that. Noticed how long my life was made that much better. I’ve had my ups, my downs, my random thoughts but in the end there is one thing that will never change. How Jamie makes me feel.

For nearly a decade we have been friends. Granted not the greatest of friends but friends nonetheless. I will always be lucky and super ecstatic that I got to marry my friend. My best friend.

When I think about all the things we have experienced as a couple it truly feels surreal. We’ve been to Hawaii, Oregon, Yosemite, and just about all the out-of-town shows that she has ever had the chance to be a part of. There are times when I have to think about all the things we’ve seen and heard over the years. By far the greatest is our little man: Salvador Jack or as I like to call him: my little booger.

Jamie is by far one of the greatest things that will ever happen in my life. SJ being second.

I do love one thing though: how she makes me feel. Not just about myself but everything around me.

The one thing we will always share is our love for the arts. What I do find interesting is that there is music that will sometimes express the emotions others cannot. State what we can’t say or just phrase things in a different manner; almost poetic. I can think of several bands I listen to that are capable of painting a picture with just a few words.

On the other hand, Jamie, is capable of capturing many emotions on a single piece of canvas. Yes, she paints. No, I won’t share. You’ll have to look her art up for yourself.

As I mentioned earlier music is capable of expression. I have a ringtone on my phone just for Jamie so that when she calls I know that it’s her. Of course it’s a song I likes a song I fell in love with and it’s by We The Kings. I did a quick search and found a YouTube video ( which is at the end ). It captures how I feel and how Jamie makes me feel.


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