Mirror, mirror

Everyday I look in the mirror. I look and judge. I look a little closer and question. What is that on my face? Where did that come from? Why is it even there?

Maybe I should just stop and cut it all. Shave it, trim it, pluck it. Just anything really. Anything at all. Yes, I am talking about my facial hair. I’ve been far too lazy and have begun to like the look of my baby beard.

A baby can have a beard?

No, but it is a fairly decent comparison. I say baby beard because it is just in its infancy. I would like to grow it out a little more but because of the way it has been growing it looks a little odd at times; almost patchy. Yeah, patchy. Though I feel that isn’t the right word for it. I’ll find it eventually.

This little part of me is a strange feeling. For years I never wanted to have any facial hair. I liked having a baby face. I mean looking young is a good thing, right? For some it is. I never cared and didn’t like it much. Subtly I wanted facial hair but never wanted to maintain it. Yeah, that lazy I guess. I say feeling because it can be itchy from time to time. I will sometimes get something on it but I will clean it up. I mean, come on, I’m not a complete Neanderthal here; I at least have some manners.

Now, that’s just my face that I look at. The rest of the body: I don’t even want to go there. Just won’t; simply won’t. I stop there only because that’s one of the first things I will always notice about myself and those around me. Facial features have always intrigued me. Science I guess you could say. Yeah, fairly broad category but it is true. There is science behind it all.

So as you can tell I’ve been talking and mentioning myself a lot. I ridicule a little. Yes, I make fun of myself; always have and always will. There are some things I can change and some things I cannot. The one that has seen some change is my hair.

When I was growing up I never put much thought about the way my hair looked. Didn’t matter, I guess. That was up until I was in fifth grade and then I began to think about it a little more. I wanted to have glorious locks that would flow and glisten when the wind would blow. Yup, just threw some poetry stuff at you. I know some people don’t always think this way but I did when I was that age. Don’t ask me why that is but I did.

As I got older my hair stayed fairly close to the same style. Fairly short on the sides and about the same length on top and would never use gel or products of that nature. I thought they were too “girly,” for me to be using them. Yeah. About that.

Enter Junior High and High School. Those were the years, right? The good ol’ days? For me it was a stage of change that I embraced much better than any other change in my life. Why? Because it helped me see and know the type of person I wanted to be and the type of person I am now. I cut my hair and began to spike it. It made me feel good. There was just something about it that I truly enjoyed. The look, the feel. I even wanted to dye it all sorts of colors. Never did though. I wanted to experiment but didn’t want to go all crazy.

Now for the present state of my hair: mohawk.

I have a mohawk. An actual, honest and true mohawk. Not that little flip of the hair that some people like to pass off for a faux-hawk. It’s an insult to even call it that. Shame on you. Earlier today I grabbed my clippers and went to town. Okay, not entirely but I did trim it. I cut it down to the scalp and I actually took off about an inch or so from the actual mohawk. So now it’s about four inches in length. I have done Liberty Spikes and have gone all up before and have to say that I love it either way. Just takes time to do since I have to wait for the product to dry.

Yeah, I use product. Got2B to be exact. I have also tried using wood glue. It does the job fairly well but does flake up once it dries. Yes, it is water-soluble though after so long it may just damage your hair so do use at your own risk; don’t say I didn’t warn you.

After I trim my hair I of course have to take a shower to wash out all the loose hairs. And even behind the ears! Crazy, I know.

Now, I’m at a crossroads in my hair’s life. I have been sporting this “do,” for several years and it has been a fairly huge part of my life. Next year, on this day, I will be 30. It does sound a little crazy and some are even saying: what a baby; but you know what? It’s my birthday and I just don’t care. I’m gonna rock out with my ‘hawk out!

So, yeah: happy birthday to me!


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