The time on my hands

Sort of looking forward to the week and it’s only because I have three days off. A little strange. It’s been far too long since I had that many days off. Part of me really isn’t sure what I’m going to do but I know part of that time will be spent doing theme reviews; or at least I will make some time for that.

At any rate it will be a productive week outside of Starbucks.

I will look into creating a small softbox setup to take some random photos with my macro lens. That just means looking at Home Depot items that I can fit in my car that won’t extend past the front driver seat. If I recall correctly I can actually use some PVC to make a simple stage and some white sheets for soft lighting. I’m tempted to either rent, or perhaps, buy a flash so I can experiment more with product photography. Been years since I even took those type of photos.

No, I will not just go and buy random supplies for this; I will actually research and measure before I even take the first step. The last time I did that was when my cousin and I went to Home Depot, bought some MDF and didn’t measure for the type of speaker box we were trying to create. The end result was glue, screws and a feeble attempt of a trapezoid that was supposed to be a rectangular box. Yeah it was that good.

The next project was a little better in that we took measurements and took our time. It turned out much better of course. The last subwoofer enclosure I made was the one currently in my car and when I see it I want to create another one. Yes, I learn more and more as I build. Same applies for when I use code and read code. It’s a wonderful gift I feel I gained over the years but don’t often use as much as I should.

Now I just have to think about what type of things I want to photograph from an inch away.


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