Knights of the Round Table, unite!

I got home from work less than a half hour ago and the first thing I see is a daily post challenge. I figure I’d give this a shot and began to think about who I would like to see and talk to then I realized the list is a fairly big one.

Yes, there are a lot of people I would love to be able to have around to dissect their minds. Not literally of course I’m not Hannibal Lecter here. Give me some credit.

I began to think about who has had influences in my life: Bach, Beethoven, Gandhi, Hitler, Bruce Lee, and then the countless other famous and dead that have lived on in history books. It would be nice. Really it would be to have a seat next to Gandhi while HItler draws and sips from a cup. Would be a great and unique experience, don’t you think? I know I do.

Yes, I have a list of people who I’d love to see and talk to but what does a fun evening entail? After all it is a rather relative term since not everybody shares the same point of view of what fun is. For some it could be completing the crossword puzzle while sipping on some brandy; for me it’s bowling or having a game or two on the Wii or Playstation playing Little Big Planet. Yes, gamer at heart. My first true experience was Mario – as any kid should I think.

So, then, who do I enlist and what will the evening entail?

My list is fairly short actually. My grandma Judy, Mozart, Abraham Lincoln and Al Yankovic. We’d be playing a few board games while rocking out to classical music throughout the night.


8 thoughts on “Knights of the Round Table, unite!

  1. Reblogged this on Wave Hi to Life and commented:
    A Daily Post prompt. Not a better answer than to invite Grandma and play board games. He’s got that right! And my 9-year-old self could be invited too. Who else wants to play? We’ve got Dinah Shore on the TV, and a fresh glass of sweet tea for each visitor. C’mon in.

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