Making some music with my bare hands

Yes, I do play guitar. Yes, I do love music and yes I do like to listen to techno as well.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like traditional music. By traditional I don’t mean folk. What I mean is music that is actually played and sang. You know: talent. I am by no means an expert but I at least try to make it sound halfway decent. Keep in mind the video is three years old:

Yes, those are my hands, and yes I still don’t think I’ve improved. One of the reasons I love music when it’s played by hand is because it is a slight glimpse into that person’s soul. Emotions are hard to capture and when you use that human element, that little bit of interaction it sounds so much better.  A little snobby when I say it like that, doesn’t it?

Anyway, making music with my hands is one thing I will prefer over guitar picks. I picked up the guitar nearly a decade ago and wanted to learn how to play Flamenco guitar. I went to a music shop and looked around to see what selection they had for classical guitar. I ended up leaving with Mel Bay’s Flamenco Guitar: Basic Techniques and the determination of learning at least one song from that book.

As I stated that was nearly a decade ago and I now have a collection of Flamenco sheet music that is waiting and wanting to be played. I still look through some and try to play parts of songs. Granted I’m no Sabicas or Paco De Lucia but I still like to play when I can and want to learn more.


One thought on “Making some music with my bare hands

  1. I have taken up the piano again a year or so ago, and although I had opted for an automaton rather than a real one, I was determined to get a sound that would be just as close (it was a matter of space or I would have gone for the real deal). I agree with you about playing though. I may not be as good as those digital players that are recorded on my piano, but there is something raw in my play that a recorder couldn’t reproduce (at least not with the same slight differences every time I play a song) 🙂

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