The waiting game

I can be impatient. I know this to be true. It does depend on what I’m waiting for though. If I’m waiting for a response from a person it varies. There are people I know will reply quickly and some that won’t even bother. It drives me crazy at times but that’s just the way they are. I’ve accepted that long ago. I don’t like. Doesn’t mean I don’t like that person any less; it just irks me.

The other day I was working and a car drove up, the headset made the sound and I greeted the person. No reply. I waited a little bit in hopes that they had their window down but, alas, they just didn’t want to respond.

“Were you ready to order, or did you need a minute?” was all I asked after a few seconds.

Still no reply.

Okay, now I’m beginning to get a little frustrated because this person is being rude and a little inconsiderate. Brings up that moment of question of whether or not to give decaf or not. No, I’m not afraid to give a person decaf. I will be that part of Karma that bites you in the butt.

Time passed and the person decided to talk and place the order. Yeah it was one of those nights for me. Nearly every person that came in wanted to take their sweet time to finish the story they were telling the car or just wasn’t quite sure what they wanted to order so they took an extra five minutes to decide.

Yes, I am angry; Yes, I am bitter. It drives me crazy when you go to a drive thru and take more time than you really need to. I expect a fairly fast experience when I go to any drive thru. So why should Starbucks be any different, right? Oh, it’s the atmosphere. But when you’re in a car what is that atmosphere?

I know I’m just ranting at the moment but it does need to get out of my head. Nights like those are why I often hate working nights and working in a drive thru. I guess you could say I need a change of pace. But then again I’ve needed one for quite some time unfortunately.  At least it feels like it for me. Either that or I’ve just been waiting for my calling…


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